Spiritual Medicine Digest: Light being Starseeds swell as they get downloaded with “gifts”.

In this week’s exciting Spiritual Medicine Digest, I share how Light Being Starseeds have been going through some massive upgrading of late, sometimes causing “swelling” in the physical body.

Water has the unique ability to hold massive amounts of information (which is why instead of silicon chips in our computers, we’ll soon have “water” chips).  We’ve figured out that new “abilities” and their blueprints get “held” in the water (and the bodies of us light being Starseeds!)

In this video, I share two of the new abilities that have been downloaded to Light Being Starseeds.  Now if you’re not one of us, still be excited because these abilities will soon be yours as well!  Watch now as I describe a miraculous “Mr. Incredible” move I did the other day! Morphing reality and the material world with my mind!

Stay tuned to the SMD in the upcoming weeks and months as we explore how these new blueprints are making a meaningful difference in our lives.

Click HERE to watch this week's Spiritual Medicine Digest video!


1.       Good news! We’re back at the OMEGA Institute on September 13-20, 2020 for the next Light Warrior Training Camp! Mark your calendars now to make sure you can come to this massive up-leveling event.

2.     Monday, November 25th, 2019 on Light Warrior Radio, we’ll be re-airing The Full Court of Atonement radio show with Amy Jo Ellis.  This will be perfect to remind us how we can create balance in our relationships on the astral plane with ease and grace (and a lot less arguing!)


3.      This past Thursday’s webinar on the LifeWave X39 stem cell enhancing patch is now available for the replay! If you registered for the webinar, you’ll be receiving a separate email with a link to the video on YouTube (secret link).  If you are ready to try this technology and haven’t yet spoken to a distributor, my team is standing by to schedule some consultation calls.

Just go to http://Patchtrainingteam.com to book a call.

Karen Kan
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