2 for 1 Special (Share this healing with your Family & Friends!)

2 for 1 Special

Hands on Healing, Qigong, and Health Assessments 

*Valid Next Week Only (week of August 21st)


Next week is your very LAST chance to “get in” on this year's 2 for 1 special that I've created especially for my in person clients.

Check out the 3 Specials going on, and be sure to book as soon as you can as there are VERY limited spots available!



SPECIAL #1: Hands-on Healing

This is your chance to experience a Chakra assessment and Energy healing session.

Although I don’t do in-person hands-on energy healing, I do have a wonderful assistant Michael Harrigan, RN who is also an incredible hands-on energy healer. Michael assesses the health of your energy centers (chakras), your hara line (power line down your spine) and your aura (your energy field around you) and then balances them back to health using hands-on healing.  It’s SO cool!

Michael has worked with people suffering from migraines, chronic back pain, chronic fatigue, and anxiety with tremendous success.   In one case, he actually pushed someone’s stubborn migraine right out of their head! Whoa!

For next week, pay $60 and get two healing sessions for the price of one. Spots will fill up early so book now HERE https://live.vcita.com/site/karenkan/online-scheduling?service=umm4t27rrnum83l5 


SPECIAL #2: Qigong lesson

If you've never tried Qigong, now is the perfect time! It's an ancient Chinese method  of naturally increasing your vitality, youthfulness and natural healing abilities.  Not to mention it is  incredibly relaxing, and soothing. In addition to being a certified Healing Touch practitioner, Michael is also a certified Qigong instructor and will be showing you how to master these slow, easy movements that have profound positive effects, even in children and the elderly.  The benefits of Qigong can be found HERE.

Spots WILL fill up early so book now HERE https://live.vcita.com/site/karenkan/online-scheduling?service=umm4t27rrnum83l5 Pay $60 and get two sessions for the price of one.


SPECIAL #3: 2 for 1 Heart Quest Health Assessment

(www.imacupuncture.com/HRV to learn more)

I am a HUGE fan of the Heart Quest assessment. It is an objective measurement to tell you EXACTLY where you are in your healing process, and it can easily detect catches the “small issues” before they turn into big, painful ones!

It assesses your Heart rate variability and through sophisticated algorithms is able to assess your:

  1. vitality score
  2. ability to buffer stress
  3. psycho-emotional balance
  4. biological age
  5. neurotransmitter (brain chemical) balance
  6. thyroid balance
  7. inflammation levels
  8. peak performance

…and more!

You’ll also receive a video of a personalized breathing exercise that helps you heal based on your unique assessment.  We can even recommend specific essential oils that will help you.

With the Heart Quest, we can assess if you’ve been wearing down your energy batteries (which is much easier to heal BEFORE you get sick).  It’s always better to know what’s really going on than just guessing based on your symptoms.  (By the way, you wouldn’t want to do a Heart Quest if you feel like you have a cold).  Go to www.imacupuncture.com/HRV for details on the test.

If you’ve had a Heart Quest assessment before, you’d pay $75 and get two assessments for the price of one (the second assessment needs to be done within 2 months of the first). 


We’ll also extend this special to family members and friends you personally refer.  If it is their or your first time, the Heart Quest is $100 (2-for-1). https://live.vcita.com/site/karenkan/online-scheduling?service=p5omnjxgq8rszsu4

I hope you take advantage of this LAST week of 2 for 1 specials! Feel free to share them with a friend! If you have any questions, please feel free to call Michael at the office 518-523-8882 or email us back!



Dr. Karen Kan

Karen Kan
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