2-for-1 Spring Specials: Hands-on Energy Healing, Qigong instruction and Heart Quest (in-person only)


Wow, time is FLYING by.  In less than a month, I’ll be launching my second interview with From Heartache to Joy Series 14, so I have a lot of work to do behind the scenes to get set up.  Given how awesomely-crazy busy I became after my first launch in October, I’ve decided to prepare by taking a week’s “stay-cation” in April and May.  So instead of the office being empty all week, I thought it would be neat to offer a “2 for 1 Spring Special” that highlights some offerings that you may not be aware of.  I am really excited to share these three specials with you this spring:


SPECIAL #1: Hands-on Healing

If you’ve never received a hands-on energy healing session, or you haven’t had one in a while, here is your chance to experience a Chakra assessment and Energy healing session.  Michael Harrigan, RN is not only my awesome office assistant, he is also an energy healer! And for one week each month, I’ve asked Michael to offer energy healings as a 2-for-1 special.  In other words, you’d pay for one session and get two (both do not need to happen within the same week).

Although I don’t do in-person hands-on energy healing, Michael does.  I’ll be out of the office the week of April 17th and May 15th and I thought this would be an opportune time for you, if you’re local, to experience hands-on energy healing. Michael assesses the health of your energy centers (chakras), your hara line (power line down your spine) and your aura (your energy field around you) and then balances them back to health using hands-on healing.  It’s really pretty cool!  You often feel completely relaxed and content after a session.

During a session, you’ll be fully clothed on the treatment table while Michael does his assessment and treatment.  Each session is approximately 50-60 minutes long including the time that Michael requires to explain things to you.  Often he uses his hands or a pendulum for his energy assessment.  Michael has worked with people suffering from migraines, chronic back pain, chronic fatigue, and anxiety with great success.   In one dramatic case, he pushed someone’s migraine right out of their head!

For the week of April 17 and May 15th ONLY, pay $60 and get two healing sessions for the price of one. Spots will fill up early so book now here: https://live.vcita.com/site/karenkan/online-scheduling?service=umm4t27rrnum83l5 

SPECIAL #2: Qigong Lesson

In addition to being a certified Healing Touch practitioner, Michael is also a certified Qigong instructor.  If instead of an energy healing session, you’d prefer an hour-long Qigong lesson, you can choose that instead.  Qigong exercises are ancient Chinese methods of naturally increasing your vitality, youthfulness and natural healing abilities.  They are slow, easy movements that have profound positive effects, even in children and the elderly.  The benefits of Qigong can be found here http://www.energyarts.com/qigong-benefits

Spots will fill up early so book now HERE.  For the week of April 17th or May 15th, pay $60 and get two sessions for the price of one.

SPECIAL #3: Heart Quest Heart Rate Variability Testing (www.imacupuncture.com/HRV)

Also, while I’m out of the office, if you’d like to do your quarterly Heart Quest HRV assessments, we’re extending the 2-for-1 special on these as well.  The Heart Quest is an important tool that objectively assesses your Heart rate variability and through sophisticated algorithms is able to assess your:

  1. vitality score
  2. ability to buffer stress
  3. psycho-emotional balance
  4. biological age
  5. neurotransmitter (brain chemical) balance
  6. thyroid balance
  7. inflammation levels
  8. peak performance

…and more!

You’ll also receive a video of a personalized breathing exercise that helps you heal based on your assessment.  In addition, if desired, we can recommend specific essential oils that will help you.

I highly recommend patients get a Heart Quest assessment every 2-3 months to make sure they are healing. Why? Because sometimes we think we’re fine when we’re really not.  The Heart Quest is like a lie-detector test.  Say you are extremely busy at work and quite stressed, but you don’t have any symptoms.  You might think you’re very healthy.

By using the Heart Quest, we can assess whether that is true or whether you’ve been wearing down your energy batteries.  It’s better to know what’s really going on than just guessing based on your symptoms.  By the way, you wouldn’t want to do a Heart Quest if you feel like you have a cold.  Go to www.imacupuncture.com/HRV for details on the test.


Here’s a Fun Tip: You can get your Heart Quest on a Tuesday for example, do the personalized breathing exercise 3x a day and then retest on a Friday to see the difference in your health!


If you’ve had a Heart Quest assessment before, you’d pay $75 and get two assessments for the price of one (the second assessment needs to be done within 2 months of the first).  We’ll also extend this special to family members and friends you personally refer.  If it is their or your first time, the Heart Quest is $100 (2-for-1). https://live.vcita.com/site/karenkan/online-scheduling?service=p5omnjxgq8rszsu4

I hope you take advantage of our specials this spring! If you have any questions, please feel free to call Michael at the office 518-523-8882 Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturdays.


Dr. Karen Kan


Karen Kan
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