3 Signs You Could Benefit from Acupuncture

This is Why I Love Acupuncture so Much!

Acupuncture is one of my favorite techniques to use with my patients. Why?

With the entrance of Spring there are several common imbalances that I find in my clients time and time again this year that I use acupuncture to help alleviate. Have you noticed any of these symptoms?

  • You Have Headaches and Other Body Aches and Pains
  • You Feel Irritable, Moody or Frustrated
  • Your Digestive System is out of Whack

These are often signs that the liver, as it adjusts to taking over the seasonal reins, is especially vulnerable and out of balance. Acupuncture improves these symptoms by restoring balance to the liver system and opening up energy flow into your meridians for faster healing. I have also found Acupuncture to be particularly helpful in dealing with issues such as migraines, allergies, sinus problems, depression, anxiety, arthritis, sciatica, stomach disorders, and hot flashes.

In short- it's really simple, but really powerful. 

Whether you are new to acupuncture, or an avid lover of it, I highly suggest acupuncture to all my patients during the beginning of Spring. Last year my patient's healing sped up even faster than before, with far less illnesses, and a ton more energy to spend doing things they loved. Yay!


I want you to experience the same benefits, so for a very limited time I am offering my annual Acupuncture Special. Now until June 15th, for every four in-office acupuncture appointments you complete, you get the fifth one free of charge! The first four appointments must be completed by June 15th so please call our office  to reserve your preferred time. The fifth free appointment can be booked any time in 2015.

The cool thing about Acupuncture is that after 3-5 sessions, patients often begin to see big shifts in their health, even if their body has been out of balance for years.

***Please don't wait! This special started a month ago, so spots are now VERY limited. On top of this special I’m preparing for The Holistic Health Conference for Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain at the end of May (that you are invited to!) so my calendar is booking up fast!
Patients currently on the 5 or 10 package special who have paid in full already also get an additional discount too. If that is you, then just call the office and we'll work something out for you. The number to call is 518-523-8882 or 518-524-8188. You can learn more about acupuncture HERE too.

Can't wait to see you in the office soon!

Dr. Karen Kan

Karen Kan
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