4 FREE Healing Resources This Week

Downloading Positive Frequencies, Replacing Self-Defeating Beliefs and More!

In this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest video, I share 3 wonderful free healing resources for you (and at the bottom of this email I share an additional BONUS resource you won’t want to miss it about getting rid of self-defeating beliefs).

Resource #1: Downloading Positive Frequencies (& Getting Rid of Negative Ones)

The first thing I share with you are some really powerful questions to start asking yourself to discover what frequencies you may be missing or need to remove.

For example “Are there any frequencies that I can release right now that are preventing me from attracting more money?” In this video I share with you how to using TOLPAKAN healing commands (using Archangel energies) to easily release them. And yes you can even add positive frequencies including the 13 automatic cord-cutting frequencies that help you release cords that no longer serve you.

Resource #2: Cut Energy Cords & Strengthen Your Aura

If you want to learn more, I will be talking a lot more about cutting energy cords and strengthening your energetic boundaries in my FREE Class on June 16th “Detoxify and Rejuvenate Your Energy Body.” Be sure to register HERE to save your spot and use DISCOUNT CODE: FHSJ6PPN.


Resource #3: Entity Healing

If you are interested in Entity work, then you’ll love this Free Resource:  The Heartache to Joy Series that is going on as we speak. They have a ton of free resources atfromheartachetojoy.com and I will be one of their featured speakers in the Series starting in October, woo hoo!


Resource #4: Release Negative Beliefs & Self-Empowerment

Finally, I actually DID NOT mention this free resource in this week’s video, but I knew I had to share it with you because Lion Goodman is an AMAZING healer. On Saturday, June 11, Lion Goodman is sharing his proven method for clearing out self-defeating beliefs and replacing them with self-empowering and liberating ones called Shifting Your Beliefs: 4 Keys to Clearing What’s in the Way of the Life You Desire. Just click HERE for limited time free access to the call and the recording.

I hope you enjoy this week’s video (especially my happy dance at the end!)


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Dr. Karen


Karen Kan
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