5 Healing Resources to take advantage of this Week

(Time Sensitive): Healing Resources to Check out This Week

I LOVE sharing with you free resources! Here are just a few that I thought you would love.

#1- In this week's Spiritual Medicine Digest HERE I share a very simple Polarity tapping technique. So if you feel like you are not centered, not grounded, seems like you have bad luck, or you find yourself being clumsy it could be that you have your energy reversed or inverted, and I highly suggest trying out this technique.


#2- On Wednesday I was interviewed by the wonderful Linda Sanicola to talk about how acupuncture phototherapy patches changed my life and how I use them with my clients for pain relief, sound sleep and brain balancing. You can catch the recording HERE.

#3-I have created a Special Gift CD where I embedded healing energies to protect past, present and future lives when you register for any days of my biggest holistic healing event of the year here: www.karenkan.com/retreat2016.

#4-The Truth about Fat Loss Summit www.karenkan.com/truthaboutfat. Learn from “Nutrition Myth Buster” Jonny Bowden and  30+ experts — the most distinguished world-class doctors and experts on the subject..  going on NOW until May 2nd. 

#5- If you missed out on Monday's radio show, you’ll want to check out the replay HERE. There were so many amazing live healings! We used Jenny’s Entity Clearing MP3s on the air and it was so cool! She is actually using all my listeners a HUGE discount on this and 3 other programs I requested. Just go to the Healing Mp3 Download's Dr. Karen's Special www.karenkan.com/Jenny with discount code karen to get these 4 programs usually $200 for only $66.

Enjoy this week’s video below to learn more about my new discovery around “Sweetness” and more.. 

Karen Kan
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