Is Your Human Assemblage Beam in Alignment?

There's been quite an interesting conversation in my Light Warrior Bootcamp group lately about the Human Assemblage Beam (also know as Human Assemblage Point (AP). Some of the healers in our group have discovered that their clients' AP has shifted out of it's proper position, causing their clients to experience “unexplainable” symptoms such as feeling lethargic, anxious, and have trouble coping with life in general…which makes sense because they are literally out of alignment!

The Human Assemblage Point (AP) is a vortex running through the center of our body where the vibrations of our energy radiate out to make up our aura or electromagnetic field. When the AP is in the optimal position, the energy flows, fans out and surrounds us, our systems are in balance and harmony. But the AP can be shifted out of it's position, and it can even have bends, kinks, or twists.

So how can we make sure our AP is in correct alignment, and easily spot misalignment in our clients?


This is such an important topic (that isn't widely known by many, much less talked about) that I decided to invite one of my trusted healer friends Tyshon Banighen on my radio show to share with you the answers to many questions including..

-> Where exactly is the AP and what causes it to be out of alignment?

-> How did you find out about the AP? Is there any scientific “proof” it exists?

-> Is the AP the same as a Soul Seat? Is it related at all?

-> What are the signs that your AP is out of alignment?

-> Does the AP alignment affect other parts of our energy anatomy such as our chakras, Hara Line, acupuncture meridians etc.?

-> How does one manually assess the health of the AP and correct it if misaligned?


It's going to be a fascinating chat! Be sure join us on the phone lines or chat to ask your questions LIVE!

Here are the details to join us: 

The Human Assemblage Point – What is it and How Do We Adjust it?

Monday, March 13th at 3 pm Eastern time 

Call in to have your questions answered at: (818) 514-1190

Tune in via internet here: 


Can't join us live? That's ok. Just bookmark the link above to check out the replay anytime after the show.



Dr. Karen


Karen Kan
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