Spiritual Medicine Digest: Hawaiian Healing Vortex

This week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest comes to you all LIVE from Honolulu, Hawaii where I was attending the Wellness Leadership Academy’s keynote speaker training.  

This week's spiritual lessons were fun and interesting. To start I discovered that different parts of geography affect different people. 

Further, ascension upgrades have brought lots of energy, of course causing different symptoms. Just a little reminder to check your lymphatic system! 

Another exciting piece of news in this week's SMD, I was gifted the experience of meeting my dolphin family in the waters of Hawaii. The lesson here: family does not necessarily mean blood relative, it may really just be resonance.


This week's radio show on Monday December 10th at 12PM EST will feature guest Lottie Cooper on how to break free from relationship patterns by repatterining your brain- a must listen especially with holiday season fast approaching. Visit karenkan.com to join the mailing list and learn more!


Dr. Karen Kan

Karen Kan
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