Advanced Entity Healing – From Heartache to Joy w/ Dr. Karen

In this interview with Dr. Karen Kan on From Heartache to Joy, she talks about her Advanced Entity Clearing Package where people learn:

  • How people can inadvertently attract entities into their home
  • The different types of portals that can allow negative interference and how they form
  • How to quickly clear your land, home, and more in seconds
  • Why entities might be appearing in your home

Dr. Karen discussed what entities are, and how they are related to healing issues. She said, “we are talking about low vibrational entities, like ghosts, evil spirits, dark force entities…there are all these different types!”

She says someone can tell what type of entities they are dealing with by the problem that is presented. They can cause irritability, anger, autoimmunity issues, graves disease, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, adrenal fatigue and more.

She told the story of a 17-year-old patient who had chronic neck pain.

“Thinking that he had a brain tumor, they went doctor to doctor, where they couldn't find anything. As a last resort, they came to me asking for acupuncture. I began treating him, and not wanting to freak him out, I hoped it wasn't a ghost, but it was. This ghost was a little old lady who attached to his neck area at age 2. I asked him if anything happened at age two to which he said no. However, upon talking with his mother, she revealed he had a severe head injury at age 2.”

The funny thing is, after Dr. Karen released the entity, the symptoms went away immediately.

In order to heal entity-based illnesses, it's essential that a person know what type of entity they are dealing with. Dr. Karen, during thousands of sessions, has encountered a vast amount of these entities.

She says, “as we advanced into higher dimensions, more and more entities are discovered. While there are higher dimensional beings helping us out, some extraterrestrials are doing bad things have entities that they don't know about.”

Dr. Karen shared an intimate experience with her husband James, where they recognized that there were 7 extraterrestrial (ET) portals in their house. through the portals, entities were simply observing, so they let it be. However, weeks later, they felt a monster-like lower vibrational energy which they identified was coming through the ET portal. These entities can cause us to act or feel in ways we normally wouldn't. They can cause anxiety, depression, suicidal tendencies and more. Part of ascension is becoming more sensitive and empathic. This can cause those who are ascending with their spiritual gifts to become extremely sensitive to entities.

Humans aren't the only thing that is affected by entities. Computers (among other things) are affected too.

Last year, when the biggest cyber-hack in the world happened on October 23, she diagnosed the situation and discovered it as a malevolent “dimensional rift,” which could blast a confusion energy into computer systems here in our dimension, and went to work on it. The next day, all of the systems were fixed.

Beyond this, toilets, mirrors, rings, and more are common objects that entities are attached to.

Dr. Karen also discussed how she can clear spaces, from homes, below and above the earth, and even in businesses.

How does she do it? Dr. Karen says that in the Advanced Entity Clearing Package she teaches students to do divine muscle testing, which can test the light score of an object, person, or thing. The closer to 100 this score is, the better. She uses this as a baseline to test the healing that happens while using TOLPAKAN healing commands and her Divine Ascension 1 & 2 MP3s.

Natalie told us about a level 7 amount of pain in her lower back. Karen tested her general light score, which was 51. Discovering that this was related to her pain, her ileocecal valve was cleared of all darkness and energy toxins, taking her light score up to 90 immediately. Natalie said that during the healing, she felt lighter and that a pressure in the spot of her pain was completely removed!

Jecinta called in with a pain level of 8 in her right ovary, with pain also in her right ribs. Dr. Karen diagnosed it as an emotional issue. Her light score went from 71 to a 90!

Cathy said she learned how to continuously clear her 25-acre rental property of entities. Because people are coming and going, she's constantly having to clear it, which was easy with Dr. Karen's package. She recommends it for similar businesses with lots of foot traffic.

Christy said, “a friend of mines daughter could still see a relative that had passed on. he wanted to stay and protect them. I was able to use Ascension 1 & 2 as well as the TOLPAKAN healing commands, and he moved on. I heard back from them that they no longer saw, sensed, or felt him.”

Find out more about the Advanced Entity Clearing Package.

Karen Kan
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