Amazing.. Kinda Scary to be this “Naked”.. But SO Worth it.. POWERFUL Interview.

Wow, One of the Most Powerful Interviews I've Ever done!

Honestly, I didn't know what to expect when one of our Light Warrior asked me to invite master healer Ed Stracher onto my radio show.  I didn't know Ed, but he rated an extremely high light score, so I said YES.  Because Ed was in Thailand, we had to pre-record the show and I had the pleasure of inviting my Light Warrior VIP group to attend LIVE.

Summary in four words: Ed blew us away!

Just a warning… if you listen to this interview, you might be a little, well, shocked or pissed off about what he says about your favorite healer(s), the Vatican, Lucifer, Joel Osteen or Tony Robins.  But hear him out.

In this enlightened interview Ed shares the good news about how YOU can connect to Higher Dimensions of Love that heals the Soul (which then knows exactly how to heal the mind and body).  He shares his insights why one's Soul Strength (how full of Soul energy you are) is vitally important and why the grand majority of healers don't have enough Healing Power to “heal a bird from 5 feet away”, as Ed puts it.


During this interview Ed takes us on multiple group healing processes where you get to expand your connection though the heart to the Truth and dissolve negative curses, contracts, and release lower vibrational spirit guides and entities.  Amazing!

And the best part (slightly scary) was the discovery that TOLPAKAN Healing could use a vibrational boost.  Something in the method was not fully aligned (yikes!) and during the upgrade of TKH, it suddenly came to me!  It was my Lemurian alternate life where I first connected to TOLPAKAN energies – my frequency has now risen way beyond where I was as an “ascended master” in that timeline and I HAD to let go of my attachment to my history.  And in a poof, almost like magic, TKH got a major upgrade.  WOW!

In this revealing replay, you'll learn

  • How your Soul energy can leak out of you and how to reclaim your power
  • Why you want to know your Soul strength
  • How negative entities and their curses and contracts are created from the 10 and 11th dimensions and why lower dimensional healing methods such as Reiki, can't remove them.
  • How higher dimensional love heals ALL
  • How to get out of your Mind and into Stillness and the Heart to connect to higher dimensional Love

And, humbly, you get to hear how I experienced a major personal vibrational upgrade thanks to Ed.

It's WILD.

So here's the recording of the interview with Ed (it's over 2 hours long) airing THIS Monday.  If you miss the airing, don't worry because the replay will be available shortly thereafter (and you can even download my radio shows…did you know that?).

Here are the details to check it out:

Monday, June 12th at 3 pm Eastern

Call in to listen to the replay: (818) 514-1190

Tune in via webcast at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/drkaren/2017/06/12/ed-strachar-explains-why-999-of-healers-dont-have-enough-healing-power

Can't join at this time? Just bookmark the link above to check out the interview later.


Dr. Karen

Karen Kan
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