Are Holistic Practitioners Being Targeted?

29 Practitioners poisoned and 11 found dead or missing

Have you noticed the recent news about all of holistic doctors that have gone missing, murder or poisoned lately?

The most recent news reveals that 29 holistic practitioners were found poisoned in Germany

This news came after several stories emerged in the states about eleven doctors that have been found dead or disappeared under questionable circumstances in a mere 90 days.

Erin Elizabeth from Health Nut News has been following these stories closely and has been touring the country talking about these disturbing events. I asked her to come on my show to share her insight including

  • What does this recent news mean for holistic practitioners every where?
  • How can we stay informed and aware, while also not living in fear?
  • What can we do to show our support for our holistic communities?
Join in on the conversation on Monday and call in. Here are the details: 
Monday, September 21st at 12 pm Noon Eastern
Call in to have your questions answered at: (818) 514-1190
(This is also where a copy of the recording will be made available immediately after the show)
You can read more about some of the earlier cases this year HERE.
Dr. Karen
Karen Kan
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