Are you being watched?

Sensitive individuals, particularly children, Indigo adults and Earth Angels, can sometimes feel like they are eerily being watched.  Those that know how to muscle test for entities will often turn up a big fat “zero” and wonder why they still feel uncomfortable in their own homes.  Personally, I have not had this feeling, but my husband has.  He is an indigo adult and is developing his clairvoyance.

There is a category of entities called Watchers.  There are Light Watchers (positive, Angelic realm) and there are Dark Watchers (negative, spies for the dark side).  Watchers are kind of like spies or reporters.  Although they may not actually “attack” but you can still feel their negative energy.

Before going into public places like grocery stores etc., I will often clear the place of entities.  On one occasion, I found thousands of Dark Watchers and 98 other entities.  Although it took moments to clear, I had to wonder – why so many Dark Watchers here?  I haven't taken the time to figure it out, but that location or the people who live/work there must be pretty important.

So if you feel like you're being “watched” just ask, “Are there any Watchers around me?”  and if the answer is “yes”, then ask if they are Light or Dark.  You don't have to do anything with the Light ones but you'll want to release the Dark Ones so they don't bother you or anyone you love.

Karen Kan
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