Being proxy for Mother Earth

The day after the funeral, everyone was tired.  But this was unusual.  It felt like a draining. I could have just taken a nap.  And I opened an email that made me cry.  The email said that the EPA had approved Agent Orange for use as a pesticide for our food.  While the family was unconsciously eating their GMO-laden processed food, I felt like screaming “don't you know what just happened?  Who cares about the stupid Ebola virus!  Look at what you're missing on your dinner plate!”  But I didn't.  Fighting back tears, I went outside to ground and put my bare feet on the Earth.  I asked if I was proxy for Mum (Mother Earth) and the answer was yes.

The sadness was hers, not mine.  I measured that my spirit was only 40% in my physical body.  I did the Body Code on mom and her “connective tissue (her Oceans and waterways) had an ancient trapped emotion.  Didn't know the Earth could have a trapped emotion, but why not?  So I released it.  I asked her what she needed (as I was taught to do by my mentor T) and she said that I needed to release entities.  The Institute of Responsible Technology, the brave folks who fight against GMOs, were being targeted by Entities.  I was to get rid of them.  So the Angels and I did just that.

Suddenly I was no longer proxy for Mum.  My head cleared and my sadness suddenly disappeared.  I was calm.  My spirit was 99% in my physical body and my exhaustion also seemed to have dissipated.  I was relieved to be “back to me” again and to have served Mum.

Karen Kan
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