Clearing and healing entities is…possible?

One day, Dr. Karen woke up and couldn’t move her neck. She quickly descended into struggling with chronic fatigue, depression, and fibromyalgia.

Luckily, she ran into a spiritual healer that helped her realize that she could fix these problems.

This spiritual journey of healing herself led to discovering one simple truth.. the most powerful healing mechanism, is connecting to spirit.

Among this journey, Karen learned the effect that entities can have on an individual’s health. Interference from entities can result in cancers, autoimmune diseases, and even things like “bad luck” which seem to strike healers. Entities can even cause psychopathic behavior.

On this episode of From Heartache to Joy, Karen talks all about entities.

she told the story of what happened at Dannemora Prison, in Upstate NY, which made national news. With two maximum security prisoners escaping, the town was filled with fear. After clearing the first prisoner, he was shot. Interestingly enough, his soul attached to the second prisoner. Asking source for the second prisoner to be cleared, and if possible, not be killed, he was shortly found walking down a road and brought back to prison.

On the call, Karen talked with Raneem, who has struggled with Potts syndrome. Suffering from chronic fatigue. Karen found unhealthy energy cords attached to her that were the root of her symptoms, EVEN locating the specific location within the body. Through muscle testing, Karen discovered a hidden energy cord causing 67% of the symptoms, which was based in a past life, from a vow. Healing it, Raneem immediately felt relief.

Karen has specialized in working with millennials like Raneem and Oliver. Read his story below:

“Dr. Karen Kan is a true healer. When I first met Dr. Kan in 2014, I had no idea what I was in for, or how profound the changes in my life that were to take place because of our meeting. Karen holds mastery in a basketful of healing modalities within her field, and over the past two year of knowing her, I have witnessed her bridge gaps of multiple fields of healing, both medical and spiritual, in order to provide care that is uniquely suited to each person she helps, myself included.

In the summer of 2015 I developed a debilitating pain in my right knee after a barefoot hike some weeks before on Mt. Cascade in the Adirondack region of New York State. Prior to asking Dr. Karen for help, I had gone to a clinical outpatient service where the physician told me I had bursitis (fluid buildup within the knee joint) and tried to drain the fluid from my knee. While attempting the procedure, the physician found no fluid whatsoever and had no other way to explain the symptoms. Enter Dr. Kan. Upon hearing of the details of the injury’s onset and lack of physical trauma present in the area, she began to remotely work with my body’s energy field over the phone. Upon her investigation, she determined that the probably source of the pain was due to an ancient energy weapon from an entity in a previous lifetime that had made itself known. After hearing this, my initial reaction was slight skepticism, as I was not aware such a diagnosis existed!

I knew Dr. Kan to be a specialist in this type of healing modality, so I opened my mind and asked her to heal it; not 2 seconds after she cleared this blockage did my knee become ABSOLUTELY HEALED. I could not comprehend it initially, so I went outside and sprinted up and down the block (something I could not do AT ALL only minutes before), searching for even a sliver of pain, a twinge, anything at all. Nothing – completely fine, no pain, no swelling whatsoever. It went back to about 85% pain free for two days but then the pain completely subsided and I regained full and permanent functionality within the week. It has not bothered me since.

After that, Dr. Kan taught me on multiple occasions how to perform this type of energy work on myself via the TOLPAKAN™ healing method! With her expert guidance, I have so far been able to clear my own heart walls and other energetic blockages that caused emotional trauma. I cannot overstate the impact Dr. Kan’s work has had on the improvement of my well-being, and the well-being I have been able to bring to others because of all I have learned from her. She is a true healer, I have yet to meet another like her. If you want amazing healing and to be inspired, work with Dr. Kan!”


Karen teaches how to clear entities in her program Advanced Entity and ET Clearing Package. Its jammed pack with everything she’s learned from years and years of experience and methodically recording how to clear entities, with all information coming directly from source.


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Karen Kan
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