Come Hear Me Speak! You’re Invited to “Tame Your Pain” Event

Learn  All-Natural Pain Relief Techniques from the Leading Experts in Holistic Healing, Kinesiology, and Energy Psychology

I have really exciting news to share with you! I have been asked to be a featured speaker at the “Tame Your Pain” event.  I will be among the leading experts in Holistic Healing, Kinesiology, and Energy Psychology who will be sharing our most powerful all-natural pain relieving techniques (without the use of any drugs!).

These are not short lived therapies with diminishing effects either. They are ongoing techniques that work regardless of the type of pain you're experiencing, or its root cause. So that means that no matter what you are suffering from, whether it’s fibromyalgia, car accident injury, arthritis,  surgery, migraines or sports injury you will learn a pain relief technique that can handle your chronic pain issue.


Join me and these leading experts to learn firsthand how to master these pain relieving techniques:

  • Kinesiology techniques to relieve muscle & joint pain
  • Finding the root causes (not just the side effects!) of health, disease & dysfunction
  • How to transition your body from “stress mode” to “healing mode
  • Essential Body Balancing tools for pain relief
  • How energy psychology techniques can relieve your pain
  • Bioenergetic Normalization Pain Relief Techniques
  • And more!


To learn more  visit: www.TameYourPainEvent.com



Dr. Karen



Karen Kan
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