Contact with Extraterrestrials.. Why? How?

What does Contact with Extraterrestrials look like? Why do they Reach out to us?

“Wow, this interview was awesome. So many questions answered. What an eye opener. Will listen again to the replay  to absorb more of the information.”


A few weeks ago I started reading the book “Being with the Beings” it's the final part of Miguel Mendonça’s trilogy on ET-human interaction. It goes into great detail about the stories of 9 people who have had long, ongoing interaction with a wide variety of beings.

What's so cool is that this book talks about how each person makes safe, meaningful contact with non-human intelligences. We hear how it has changed or defined their lives, why they are involved in direct contact, and what they offer the world as a result.

There's a variety of people in the book: channelers, hybrids and artists who all reach out to so many different types of beings in different ways- whether written, spoken or drawn, and how their psychic abilities have been used or expanded as a result.

I loved the book so much I decided to have the author author of the book below – Miguel Mendonça- along with Darlene Van Grift, who is featured in the book and works with healing a fascinating variety of ETs in all dimensions.

Because I am on vacation, I decided to pre-record this interview with my wonderful Light Warrior Group (which you can become a part of here: www.karenkan.com/light-warrior).

To check out the book for yourself here: https://www.amazon.com/Being-Beings-How-Why-Contact/dp/1544270852


Here are the details to tune in:


“The How and Why of ET Contact”

Monday, July 17th at 3:00 pm EST

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Dr. Karen

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