Demonic Distractions

If you are a sensitive soul, you are likely an incarnated Indigo, earth angel, Starseed and/or empath soul. Evil spirits (not ghosts per se) know who you are even if you don’t. If you are what they call an “old soul” meaning you’ve evolved through millennia in multiple lifetimes, and have volunteered to usher in a higher vibration on this planet in this lifetime, you could be a target.


The key, however, is not to fret about it. Instead, just keep it “matter of fact” and then work on being fully conscious (oooh, they don’t like it when you do that!) which means healing your own trauma, being courageous in life, and loving yourself to the fullest. Of course, it helps to be able to discern how happy your boundaries are (all 7 of them) so that you can feel secure in knowing they can’t mess with you (or push you down the stairs).


A demon’s goal is different from a ghost’s. A demon’s goal, if they are the ones that are still trapped in the mistruths they were told, is to disable, distract or distress you to the point that your vibration lowers and they can sabotage your mission. It’s all about preventing you from doing your Light mission.


Knowledge is Power they say!


Even if you’ve had run-ins with demons who might have tripped you down the stairs, you can brush it off, BE FULLY PRESENT, and BE YOU, and know that you can heal the fear preventing you from being and staying sovereign. I designed my Light Warrior Bootcamp 2.0 program to help you do just that.


Want to empower yourself against demonic distractions? 


Karen Kan
  • Adrian Neri Ávila
    Posted at 17:39h, 26 August Reply

    Please pray for me and help me find my divine path sometimes I fell confused.

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