Device Disturbance

When I first launched my Light Warrior Bootcamp 1.0 in 2016, we had a group of students who had difficulty playing my Ascension 1 and 2 through their computers and phones despite having no trouble with playing other videos and MP3’s. That gave me the hint that there were nefarious forces in play and I discovered the sneaky ways “evil” spirits and low vibrational ET’s try to sabotage people. Sadly, some of these folks wanted a refund because the entities had gotten too much of a foothold and contributed to their fear and annoyance.


Luckily for most, however, all we needed to do was to put instructions right into the Ascension 1 program to cancel out these entities and ET interferences even with just the INTENT on playing them on the device. Yes, devices, internet, routers, electrical lines, phone lines, wires, etc. can all be infected or affected by monkey demons or other low vibrational entities in their last-ditch attempts at getting you into a low vibrational state and preventing you from evolving.


It’s rare these days that my products refuse to play on my student’s devices, however, it is still useful for you to know exactly how I do “manual testing and clearing” of electronic devices and how to differentiate why it might not be working. 


For example, it could be: a) entities at play, b) angels trying to get your attention, or c) ET or other dimensional interference occurring in this timeline or another…and so on.

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Karen Kan
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