Did I tell you I’m “lazy” at meditation? (and I finally found a solution)

Get (Better) Results of Meditation without all the time and effort

I gotta be honest. I'm NOT a fan of meditation.

I get impatient. I get bored. I want results NOW! And to be honest, I have a bunch of friends and colleagues that I've observed over the years who are VERY good at meditation – doing upwards of 2-3 hours a day. But you know what? I haven't observed that their lives are any more prosperous, healthy or happier than the one I have now.

“Why should I meditate? What's in it for me? Isn't there a faster way to world peace?”

Then the book, The Secret to Instant Healing by Frank Kinslow comes along and now my world has been drastically changed.

I learned a simple technique called Quantum Entrainment and I found my Eufeeling just by reading the book and realized that it was SOOOO much simpler than meditation. Not only that (because I'm results-oriented – okay, okay, its just my personality!), practicing QE helps you manifest your deepest desires with 1000x less effort. I'm ready to throw out the whole Law of Attraction thing out the window (well, almost).

So QE can help you: – heal deeply and instantly – finally gain peace of mind in the midst of chaos and overwhelm – manifest money, health, relationships with little or no “effort” – manifest world peace while you're doing all of the above!

I can't emphasize this enough – MAKE SURE YOU LISTEN TO THE RADIO SHOW this Monday where I'll be interviewing Dr. Frank J Kinslow, author of The Secret to Instant Healing and When Nothing Works, try Doing Nothing. This is a pre-recorded show so just bookmark this link in case you can't listen to the show when it airs:

Instant & Effortless Healing.. by doing “Nothing!”

Monday, August 24th at 12 pm Noon Eastern

Call in to listen here: (818) 514-1190

Tune in to listen here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/drkaren/2015/08/24/the-secret-to-instant-effortless-healing-by-doing-nothing

(This is also the link to visit AFTER the show for the recording)


If you have children or parents struggling with health, relationships or money issues, you owe it to them to share this too. After the show airs, we'll be sending out an important email with a DISCOUNT code to get 50% off The Secret to Instant Healing and 20% off Frank's training webinar (runs Sept thru part of Dec 2015). His material is so important that I asked him for a discount code for you! But it is only valid from August 24 through 31st, so make sure you check your INBOX after the show!

Here's to Instant Healing whoo hoo!


Dr Karen

Karen Kan
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