Divine Directives for humanity: Choose attention over Addiction

Did you know that addiction is getting a dopamine hit, a high, and it can be just about anything. Sometimes it is an adrenaline high for those that feel depleted. It is a false energy. We are constantly bombarded with images, sounds, etc. that get us into highs and lows, including real and fake news stories that are there to challenge you to see the world as separate from you.

It’s all a “hit”.

But why do we want the hit? That’s the real question we should be asking.Instead of just demonizing addiction as a bad thing let’s look deeper at the reasons.

Every human on earth has a desire to feel good or okay on some level would you agree? Unfortunately we’ve been taught through modeling that to feel good or okay we have to look outside of us for that feeling. So we search and search for that okayness.

But addictions are just a loop of wanting to feel good and okay, and for a moment we think we’ve found it, only to sink down again after the high. And then seek it all over again.

I can tell when I’m in that loop because I end up browsing on Amazon for no reason.

The Real and only way to feel good and okay is not through searching outside of ourselves but to drop deep within and pay Attention to our being. When we are just Being , paying attention to our vibration within, we access Source the creator within. This intimate communion with Source fill that void and we feel good and okay. And this is sustainable and what we’re really seeking, not the dopamine one hit wonder that is the commonplace habits of the collective unconscious.

One way to connect with this state if Being is through STOIM- stillness through observing internal movement. It’s one of the fastest ways for sensitive souls who are already feelers, to connect with Source and to release their mind chatter. If you haven’t already tried this simple technique learn it here: buff.ly/2WeQj2n

Karen Kan
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