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Do addictions make you susceptible to entities?

One of the predictors of ghost attachments is addictions in the living. I’m not talking about sugar addictions or caffeine addictions (although one time I ate three dinners because an elderly woman ghost who had starved alone in her home before she died, visited me wanting help and she was in close enough proximity that “I felt her stuff”. She wasn't attached to me but outside my house!)

I’m talking about daily alcohol use, drug use, etc. Now some may ask if they are at risk if they have a glass of wine every night. Probably not. But for some people, a glass of wine MAY be an addiction energetically/emotionally and in that case then yes, it might be a risk. If cannabis is used for medicinal reasons, again, not too much of a risk of ghosts unless there is damage to their energy body (poor boundaries).

How do you know?

If you can do without the alcohol, drug, etc. for a few days and you don’t really even think of it, then it is unlikely an addiction. Disembodied spirits of those that were previously living, who used to have addictions, will be attracted to the resonance of the living person who has a similar addiction. When they attach (if the person’s boundaries are unhealthy which they normally are if they are an addict), they can get a little “hit” from the alcohol or drug. It isn’t the same as when they are embodied, but for them, it is better than nothing.

Therefore, someone who has a tendency to be an addict (through ancestral issues, trauma, learned patterns, etc.) and has a ghost attached, will generally have ravenous addiction symptoms. It’s the ghost(s) that “make” them want more and more to drink/smoke/imbibe etc. So when attempting to heal someone of their addictions, it is good to heal all the entities first (evil spirits aren’t necessarily attracted to addicts the way ghosts are, but good to clear them too), then immediately shore up their boundaries (we do 7 different ones in TOLPAKAN™ Healing Level 1, which is NOT included with Light Warrior Bootcamp 2.0.) the best you can, and heal the underlying patterns causing/contributing to their addictions. Of course, after entity-clearing, you’ll need their overt permission to do the rest.

Some ghosts don’t even know they have died. Addicted ghosts tend to hang out in bars, stadiums, and places where people drink alcohol. If I go to a restaurant with an attached bar, I will often clear the place with Ascension 1 and 2, my healing tools, before I enter. Same thing with stadiums (although I’m not a fan of crowds and noise so I don’t frequent them if I don’t have to!).

Non-addicted ghosts have other reasons that they might hang around and not “cross over”. You can learn more in my Light Warrior Bootcamp 2.0 Program. 


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