Do you ever wonder what your TRUE Life Purpose is? (it isn’t what you think)

Find out Your Life Purpose Profile (I'm a Knowledgeable Achiever)

For the past few years I've been telling my patients about their Life Purpose Profiles – pegging them as either a Creative Idealist, an Emotional Intelligence Specialist, a Team Player, a Knowledgeable Achiever (that's me!) or a Charismatic Leader. It's a VERY insightful process that allows you to become much clearer on how to make conscious choices that align with who you are and what's important to you. My clients love it so much, they always ask me if there is a book they can read to learn more.

Up until today the answer has been “No, because Rhys teaches this only to a private group and his teaching manual is very thick and there is no way you can get a copy of it without being a student of his!”

FINALLY however, his long-awaited book has now been published (and I have my assistant Jennifer bugging him to get on my radio show…so stay tuned)

He’s really tapped into something very powerful that will completely change your life—and I am so glad he finally has this resource out so I can share it with you.


If you are tired of being who you're “supposed to be” and you are ready to give yourself permission to bust free, be your authentic self, and live life on your own terms then you'll love this book.

 In Discover Your Purpose, Rhys Thomas, details his world-renowned Rhys Method Life Purpose Profiles. When you make choices that align with your unique purpose, your life becomes incredible! Things begin to flow and feel natural and easy. It’s an amazing feeling! Just imagine what this will lead to.
  • More fulfilling personal and professional relationships
  • Greater health, energy and passion
  • Remarkable inner peace and self-knowing

You can check out his book Discover Your Purpose HERE and you'll even receive a freebie from Rhys Thomas: The Rhys Thomas Discover Your Purpose “Book Club With The Author” 5-Week Teleclass! Starts onSeptember 14, 2015

PLUSyou’ll receive even more goodies.. actually over hundreds of dollars worth of awesome Bonus Gifts. 

To learn more just check it out all out  HERE. Trust me, it is SO worth it!

Dr.  Karen

PS- Love it? Share the inspiration with those you love. Help them fulfill their life purpose too!

Karen Kan
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