Do You Have Healthy Dimensional Boundaries?

We had quite a few Ascension upgrades recently, and as a result you may have noticed some “funky” side effects popping including some emotional baggage, as well as feeling angry or negative energies of entities and other low vibrational beings.  I can’t stress this enough: this is why our boundaries are so important!


Be sure to ask your angels to clear the negative energy. For the people who have my Ascension 1 and 2 Healing audios, I recently upgraded it to allow you to open the gateways to even more positive energies (in addition to clearing those negative entities). If you are feeling angry or upset, just direct your energy to that symptom and listen to the audio, and the work is done for you! One of my clients, Sarah recently used it in her classroom, and she was amazed at how quickly the kids became really sweet and calm…how cool!

Speaking of boundaries…. the theme of this past week has been dimensional boundaries, rifts and dissonance. In this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest Video  I share with you about our how we can heal our dimensional boundaries. You can check out this week’s video HERE to learn the TOLPAKAN Healing command to make sure all of your bodies are resonating in the same dimension.


As for FREE Healing Resources for you this week..

If you didn't catch Monday's radio show, you’ll want to make sure you listen to this one! Jenny and I had such a blast talking about how to supercharge your “clair” powers.  You can check the replay HERE. You can even download the replay to your computer and add these free activations  to your healing collection.

Next week I will be interviewing Dr. Dennis Lobstein about how to naturally address the symptoms of dizziness and ringing of the ears, so if you know someone with these symptoms, be sure to share the show link with them HERE

For even more free resources on Spiritual Healing, I encourage you yo check out the Heartache to Joy Summit that is going on right now HERE. I’ll be making my debut about Entity clearing on the summit in little over a month- October 10th! Woo Hoo!

I hope you enjoy this week's Healing video HERE, and please let me know if you found it helpful by leaving a comment or subscribing to these weekly healing tips.


Dr. Karen

Karen Kan
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