Do You Know the Light Score of Your Higher Self?

NEW Interview is all about Light Score, Your Higher Self and Connection to Source

I'm currently away on vacation visiting family and taking a much needed break. While away I will have to be disciplined to limit my time reaching out, to you so I can have time to explore new healing programs I've purchased, and just hang out with my folks.

That means I won't have a LIVE radio show this upcoming Monday November 28th. However, there is a LOT going on in the spiritual world and I've been getting a ton of questions relating to Light Scores and the Higher Self.

See, I recently found out that if the Light Score of your Higher Self isn't high enough, and it isn't optimally connected to Source, then it is likely blocking you from healing! Fascinating right?

The “teacher” in me couldn't wait to share this with you until I came back…aso decided to do a solo recorded show, just for you on this topic. Check out the details below to tune in..


“Why Knowing Your Light Score (and that of your higher self) is Important..”


You can now catch the replay at:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/drkaren/2016/11/30/replay-do-you-know-the-light-score-of-your-higher-self


Remember this is recorded so you can't raise your hand and ask questions, but just note that I will be doing an energy activation to raise your Light score and that of your Higher Self on the call.

If you celebrate the holidays (and even if you don't) – I wish you the very best in joy and happy relationships always…

Dr. Karen

Karen Kan
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