Dr. Karen Self-Hosting From Heartache to Joy – Unlock Your Superpowers

In this call, Dr. Karen Kan self-hosts From Heartache to Joy and talks about TOLPAKAN Healing and her new Unlock Your Superpowers Package.

In this program, participants learn the 7 R’s formula for masterful manifesting, which she delivers in her course “Unlock Your Superpowers.” They are:

  1. Re-vision – Craft the vision of your new life in a language the universe can understand while learning how to deal with self-sabotage.
  2. Resonate – Learn how to optimally resonate with your new life, and sculpt your new life like a Michelangelo sculpture.
  3. Release resistance – Release curses, vows, oaths, and more from multiple timelines, as well as re-wiring core beliefs.
  4. Re-write your past – Quantum re-write your history in order to manifest a better future.
  5. Reclaim your power – Avoid certain words and phrases that keep you from manifesting your power, and learn the types of question to ask Source.
  6. Rewire your system – Heal through multiple timelines, taking vulnerabilities out of your blueprint.
  7. Receive – Increase the number of love particles you have, expand your god team, and more.

Did you watch the secret and think, “Oh my gosh! This is what I’ve been looking for?” Have you tried manifesting and realized… geeze, it can be slow! Do you have sleep, entity, money, or chronic autoimmunity issues?

Through years of coaching, mentoring, and being a spiritual healer, one of the big questions that Dr. Karen gets over and over again is, “Why don’t I get what I want?” Sometimes It can seem downright unfair! What Dr. Karen has discovered though, is that most of the time, its because the universe is attempting to steer an individual in the direction of their highest and greatest good.

To help understand what that means for each individual person, Dr. Karen shared a new tool for the first time – The TOLPAKAN Healing Abundance Assessment.

This tool is EXTREMELY powerful because it reveals seven vital pieces of information that any masterful manifester needs to fully realize their potential:

  1. What % of your manifesting issues are due to low vibrational blocks and imbalances that need to be cleared
  2. What % is related to not having / not being connected to positive morphic fields of abundance
  3. What %  of abundance issues are due to universal timing
  4. What %  of abundance issues are due to misalignment with divine path
  5. What %  of abundance issues are due to abundance challenges?
  6. What %  of abundance issues are due to an unclear vision?
  7. What %  of abundance issues are due to lacking additional information that source wants you to know?

These are the types of questions that Dr. Karen helps her students answer, as they Unlock Their Superpowers.

Dr. Karen also shared ANOTHER brand new TOLPAKAN tool, The Cornerstones of Divine Alignment

Dr. Karen told the story of years ago trying to manifest an online coaching business. She had always struggled with money issues. Eventually, she ran into T. Harv Ecker at one of his conferences, and was ready to get on stage, and into the limelight with Ecker’s program “All Your Relationships.” His other top people loved her, and they recommended her.

However, she never got chosen. She thought, “Wow! I did all this law of attraction work,” and it didn’t happen. However, what she was unaware of, was that this opportunity was not in in her “cornerstones of divine alignment.”

The Cornerstones of Divine Alignment is broken down into the discreet measurements of:

  • Light Score
  • Love Score
  • Truth Score
  • Wholeness Score

Demonstrating this live Dr. Karen took a call from a healer named Pam, who felt disconnected and out of alignment.

Checking her cornerstones of divine alignment, her light score to be 80. Her love score was 30, truth score was 71, and wholeness score down at 10. After digging deeper into this low number, Dr. Karen found 95% of Pam’s soul energy was being diverted to inappropriate soul wants.

Reclaiming this soul energy for Pam, her wholeness score skyrocketed to 72.

Moving on to her love score, Dr. Karen asked Pam’s god team to assist. The end results were that her scores changed to:

  • Light score 90
  • Love Score 50
  • Truth Score 90
  • Wholeness 72

But of course, that’s not all that students learn in Unlock Your Superpowers.  Even when one is on the right track, the Universe is still testing to make sure you are vibrationally aligned with what you are attempting to manifest. In this program, Dr. Karen teaches her students about abundance challenges, which are situations that are co-created by you and the universe. They are tests for you to become a vibrational match with what you desire, whether its financial, spiritual, relationally or more.

These challenges “train” your manifesting muscles. They can be massive tests (such as losing your job), or much smaller moment-to-moment challenges. In Unlock Your Superpowers, Dr. Karen focuses on helping Light Warriors not only recognize but “ace” these challenges so they can manifest what they truly desire.

Dr. Karen took people through an exercise which gave them an opportunity to flex their manifesting muscles. (want to see if you can hold your vibrational energy? Listen to the call above and go to 32:48)

This is exactly the process that Dr. Karen uses with her students to teach Weather Magic, which has been wildly successful.

The testimonials speak for themselves. Unlock Your Superpowers is causing Light Warriors everywhere to become master manifesters. Check out some of them below!

Karen Kan
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