Dr. Karen’s Spiritual Medicine Digest: How are you handling Ascensions Symptoms?

Signs you are autoproxying or having trouble integrating ascension energies

This past week has been all about how are we integrating these higher ascension energies. Some people may have felt VERY challenged by these energies and may find that they are losing sleep, falling ill etc. When people are on medications they may feel particularly challenged and are at a higher risk for entity interferences.

In this week’s video I share with you signs that you are integrating these ascension energies well and other signs that you are having trouble integrating these higher energies and what to do about it.  

Note: BEFORE you do Muscle testing, be sure to ask Who you are today. There have been some issues with autoproxying coming up fairly frequently the past few weeks. You can easily ask for your boundaries to be healed so you aren’t taking on other people’s stuff.


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Dr. Karen

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