Dr. Karen’s Spiritual Medicine Digest: How to Change the Weather

Raise the Vibrations of Your Food, Loving Yourself & Changing the Weather

In this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest Video, I share with you some pretty powerful stuff we did firsthand at last weekend’s annual Holistic Health Conference, including how to do weather magic! Yep, we actually changed the weather before our very eyes, and it was pretty simple. In the video below I even share with you the simple exercise you can complete so you can change the weather yourself. Cool or cool?


I also share a few important themes that are popping up, including loving yourself. Be sure to muscle test how much you love yourself and check for any imbalances that may be standing in the way of loving yourself more. Afterall, if you don’t fully love yourself, you can forget about trying to “force” yourself to do things like working out, eating healthy etc.  


Finally, be sure to check the vibrations of your food! I share with you the 3 steps to actually raising the vibration of any food you have BEFORE you consume it.


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Dr. Karen

Karen Kan
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