Energetic Detox for Weight Loss

Looking to Lose Weight? Have you “Energetically Detoxed?”

Detoxification is popular among people interested in health, wellness and weight loss and there is no question that it is an important strategy in today's world of environmental pollution and toxicity.  But did you know that detoxification can also be dangerous to your health?  Yes!  Even celebrity detoxification programs can be fraught with dangers if your body isn't “ready” for detoxification.
Check out the interview below that I did with Jeanne Natré. I share with you what most people don't know about detoxification and weight loss and how to quickly assess what detoxification or weight loss strategy is best for you.  In this eye-opening interview you'll learn:
  • why detoxification can be dangerous if your body isn't ready for it
  • Dr. Karen's method that quickly determines which detox or weight loss program is best for you and how you can learn how to do it too
  • why spiritual and energetic detox are just as important as physical detoxification when it comes to health and fat loss




Enjoy, and be sure to share it with those you love!



Dr. Karen

Karen Kan
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