Feeling Tired? You May Be Feeling “Stuff” in the Multiverse

“We Are All One” leaving you Exhausted? Here's Why..

Even though many of us have decommissioned our Empaths, many of us (including the average “non-Empathic” person) can now also feel other people’s “stuff” in the rest of the multiverse as we become closer to the concept of “we are all one.”

Yep, what has been happening in the rest of the galaxy has been commonly showing up as signs of fatigue, headaches, and mood issues.

The good news? Not only can you send the multiverse healing energies, you can actually “turn off” the reflection of physical symptoms showing in your body. Woo hoo! 

Tune into this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest  HERE to learn how (it’s actually really easy).

Here’ some of the other “juicy” stuff I shared with you in this week’s video:

  • Recent mass clearings of stuff that no longer serves us
  • The danger of being distracted by fear
  • The protocol that my Hubby used to immediately release Neck pain with LifeWave patches (which happens to be another Ascension symptom btw)
  • And.. the date of my next free mini healing radio show


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Dr. Karen

Karen Kan
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