Free Resource: How to become spiritually “bulletproof”

Protecting Your Energetic Body from Entity Attacks & More

If you've been listening to my weekly Spiritual Medicine Digest videos, then you know that there is some major ascension symptoms that are affecting all of them- one of which is entity attacks. Those who are on medications, lightworkers, and children are especially prone to these attacks.

This means now more than ever we need to be consciously putting up our energetic shields and making sure we protect ourselves from these attacks (and yes they can even occur in your sleep!)

Join me as I interview Diana Kushenbach on what it means to be spiritually protected, and the signs that you or someone you love has already been energetically attacked.

  • What are the different ways Malevolent energies can affect our bodies and our lives including entities, energy suckers, implants, spiritual hijacking, and extraterrestrial energies?
  • How we can become spiritually immune to these energies?
  • What signs do we look for to know entities are attacking us?
  • What can we do to support ourselves and feel “strong” and impervious to evil?
  • And much more!

Be sure to call in with your questions and be sure to share free this with someone you care about, so they can be spiritually protected as well.

Here's how to tune in:

Monday, March 21st at 12 pm Noon Eastern 

Call in to listen and ask your questions at (818) 514-1190

Tune in live via internet or catch the replay later at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/drkaren/2016/03/21/how-to-become-spiritually-bulletproof

Can't join us live? That's ok just bookmark the link above to check out the replay later.


Dr. Karen


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