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My mother always told me that she didn't believe in the concept of fair-weather friends – you know, the folks who hang around you only when you're happy and successful, but abandon you the minute you get into trouble.  Instead, she insists that you will know who your true friends are when you are rich, famous and successful.  Instead of being jealous or envious, they will celebrate with you!

I've thought about her opinion for many years and maybe…it's true.  Is it true for you?

I think it is wonderful for friends to be “there” for you when you're down and out and need a helping hand.  But what about when you're more “successful” than they are?  Will they stick around you?  Maybe they will, maybe they won't.  But I know those who do, will grow with me.   I get warm fuzzies when I think about that.

These past two weeks my life has been buzzing with excitement as I finally released the Kindle version of my long-awaited book, Guide to Healing Chronic Pain – A Holistic Approach.  It was important for me to get some positive reviews on Amazon, so I asked for reviews from a group of close friends as well as some high profile colleagues whom I respect.  It shouldn't surprise you to know that some of my friends who I expected to help me out right away didn't (their lives were too much in chaos or they had other priorities), but what surprised me was how other people stepped up to the plate, some of whom I hardly knew.  Yet, every single high profile colleague I asked put up his/her review immediately.  Wow!

The gift in all this is that I can honor that I asked for help (yes, it is scary for me to ask for help!) and got more than what I expected in return.  The reviews posted on Amazon have been nothing short of spectacular!  Thank YOU if you posted one of them.  My heart is ever-so-grateful for your support!  Almost 15,000 people downloaded my book during the free promotion this past weekend and I'm thrilled that more people will have the tools to start healing their chronic pain!

So what's your experience with friends?  Have you had fair-weather friends?  Or the opposite – those that abandon you when you're doing well?  How about celebrating?  Who celebrates your successes with you? Comment on this post to let me know.

Karen Kan
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