Have You Heard of this Healing Technique for Cancer Patients?

The Science Behind The Photon Genie

I wrote a blog earlier in the week about how I used The Photon Genie after hearing it's raving reviews for cancer patients. I've seen such significant results when I tried it with my father-in-law, that I decided to start using them on my clients- even those who don't have cancer.

Many folks are testing well for it and it has an ability to increase Qi (stored energy) and harmonize it, which few products can do. My requirement for Thyroid hormone has definitely decreased by 70%, and I’ve only used it on myself about 8-10 times so far. So if you have a serious illness such as Lyme, cancer, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, polymyalgia, Candida, etc. you definitely need to try it out.

This new addition to my healing techniques has sparked up quite a curiosity of just how this machine works, so I have invited Dr. Steven Davis on my show to talk more about this fascinating technology including:

  • What exactly does the Photon Genie do and how does it help you heal?
  • Why is the Photon Genie so popular with cancer patients and those with more serious conditions such as nerve damage
  • What evidence is there that shows the Photon Genie really works?

 Here are the details to join us: 

Monday, November 17th at 12 pm Noon 

Call in to have your questions answered at: (818) 514-1190 

Tune in via internet here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/drkaren/2014/11/17/the-photon-genie–healing-frequencies-for-cancer-patients-more

(Can't join us live? That's ok! Just click the link above any time after the show airs to listen to the recording). 

Can't wait to have you join the conversation on Monday!

Dr. Karen Kan

Karen Kan
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