He muscle-tested weak for both his name and Bob, but…

When a patient first consults me in the office, I always check his polarity before I check his brain balance.  If his polarity is correct, they will muscle test strong when they say their name and they muscle test weak when they say a false name.  If someone's polarity is backwards, it means they aren't in healing mode and they will test weak for their own name and strong for a false name.  We usually use the name Bob for the false name.

Recently a new patient came for evaluation.  He had been sick for 15 years and was so frustrated with being given more and more drugs by his other doctors.  He was ready for some energy medicine and spiritual healing.  After reciting the preparatory prayer before doing energy work, I proceeded to do a polarity test on him.

For the first time EVER in my experience, this patient tested weak to both his name and Bob.  That didn't make sense to me.  I retested the “test” muscle and found it to be functioning properly, so I repeated the polarity test.  Again, he went weak when he said his own full name and Bob.  On a hunch, I asked him to say his recently deceased father's full name.  To our surprise, he muscle tested strong.

This man was possessed by his father who became an Earthbound spirit (disembodied spirit) after he died earlier this year.  Although possession isn't all that uncommon, I never had anyone muscle test this way.  This was “new” to me.  Through muscle testing I determined that “dad” had attached around his mid-thoracic vertebra.  When I shared this with my patient, he told me that he'd been having a weird pain in that exact location for many months, and that he only noticed if after his father passed away.  Although my patient started feeling sick long before his father died and his father's ghost wasn't the original “cause” of his illness, his presence was sucking the energy out of my patient.  Using the Body Code, I later determined that my patient was fairly efficient at making Qi (energy) but unable to store it, so his overall Qi levels were very low.

With Angelic guidance I communicated with my patient's deceased father.  He had been a verbally abusive alcoholic who didn't know how to process his underlying emotional baggage and once I told him he was dead, he was immediately very sorrowful and said he wanted to prevent his son from suffering.  After he expressed loving sentiment to his son through me, he agreed to go with the Angels and Guides to the Light which we opened up for him.  In the Light he saw his deceased parents welcoming him Home and he left willingly.  The pain in the thoracic area faded away after we did the release.

After releasing “dad” to the Light, my patient muscle tested strong for his name and weak for Bob.  His polarity was completely normal.  He was no longer possessed.  We always ask the Angels to fill in the “holes” left over from the release with the highest vibration of Love and Light so my patients do not attract another entity to fill the void.


Karen Kan
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