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Personal Healing

Wednesday December 10, 2014

Pain in left side.  Didn’t check for astral fragments on myself this morning which is my habit.  Found my polarity was reversed.  So was my husband.  Put an Aeon patch on and it normalized.. . Found myself working on relationship issues with my hubby.  Whole day cleared.  Snow storm.  It is now time to work on myself.

Do I have other people’s astral fragments? YES

  • 19 astral fragments including hidden ones
  • 48 entities attached to, near or around these fragments
  • 4 lifetimes
  • They belong to 3 different people
    • James’ from another lifetime
    • Dad’s from this lifetime and another lifetime
    • Brother from two other lifetimes
  • After initial clearing there was one Entity left – Ronin – not safe to release
    • Angels made it safe
    • AA Michael then released him to the light
  • Entities remaining around the fragments 2 of them – 2 demons
    • They were cleared
  • Negative energies interfering with optimal well-being in, around these fragments
    • 49 of them
    • 38 cleared first time
      • Ask angels to heal imbalances preventing clearing
      • Now all clear – some holes leftover – 2 of them
        • I need to remove the imbalances causing holes not being able to be filled
          • Hidden Psychic trauma – fear, guilt, hatred, dad’s inherited 29 generations ago
          • Hidden need to AVOID strawberry (hidden allergy began yesterday)
            • Hidden psychic trauma causing allergy – guilt, hatred, longing, 38 generations
            • Hidden excess cortisol toxicity
            • Preventing it from healing – fungal infection – age 6 – 98% healed so far – no other therapy needed at this time
            • Hidden L5 misaligned – yesterday 8:57 am
              • Hidden terror, dad’s inherited 25 generations
            • Now all the holes are filled
          • Integrate the fragments back into their original Soul and fill all the holes afterwards – done!

Is my Soul fragmented? YES

  • Four of them throughout 4 different lifetimes
  • Entities including hidden ones attached to or around these fragments – 338 of them
    • 98% ancestors – both sides of the family
    • 24 Ronins
    • 4 Lower Realm
    • 4 DFEs
    • 1st clearing – 1 entity left – Ronin
      • Not safe to clear. Angels asked to make it clear
    • 2nd clearing – 2 left Lower Realm
      • Portals found where they are coming through. Angels asked to close portals permanently
    • Fragments now free of entities
    • Negative energies preventing optimal wellness? 39 of them
      • All holes filled 100% with Love and Light
    • Fragments now reintegrated and all holes filled
    • No more Soul fragments of my Soul to heal now. I’m done for the time being.

Do I have any other Soul’s astral fragments? YES

  • 9 of them
  • Entities 977 attached to fragments or around them
  • Fragments now free of entities
  • Are there negative energies in and around fragments preventing optimal wellbeing? 48 of them
    • Safe to release
    • All holes filled 100%
  • No other imbalances preventing optimal integration and all holes being filled
  • “I now ask Archangel Raphael and Healing Angels to remove these fragments from my Astral body and re-integrate them into their original Soul with ease and grace for the highest and greatest good of all and fill all the holes with Love and Light. Thank you.”
  • No other fragments in my body now

Shield is up 99% intact – angels made 100% intact

Entities around me, including hidden ones – 79 of them 3800 feet away. 100% are Ronins. I asked AA Michael and Rescue angels to close the portals around the world starting with my location.  And to remove whatever imbalances they can from people who are creating them.  Then to remove the Ronins.

Husband check: he is completely clear and his shield is still holding from when I put it up this morning. YAY!

Karen Kan
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