Healing Betrayal and Last Week’s Attack on Healers

Dr. Karen's Spiritual Medicine Digest – What is blocking you from Healing?

If you’ve been feeling funky this past week, you are certainly not alone. In this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest I share a fascinating story about how my Light Warrior Bootcamp students and I fought against an attack on healers from 9th dimensionals. It was incredible! Within 2 minutes I immediately feel the pain leaving me. I’m so grateful to be surrounded with such a wonderful group of Light Warriors!

This week there has been a strong theme of healing betrayal in mass consciousness, and yes  I’ve even experienced this myself. If you are feeling it, it’s actually a really great opportunity and I explain why in the video below.

Finally in this week’s video I also talk about the 2 major interferences that may be blocking ascension 1 & 2 energies from healing you. Spoiler alert: Extraterrestrial interference and yes.. Even your higher self! Such fascinating stuff that I decided to air a show about it next week! So be sure to bookmark the show HERE to hear more.

Enjoy this week’s video where I dive into these topics and more, including the most recent upgrades to ascension 1 & 2 products.


Dr. Karen

Karen Kan
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