Healing Knee Pain Naturally

How I Dramatically Reduced My Pain Immediately with This One Step

If you know me, you know that I'm no stranger to pain. As a matter of fact, it's the very reason that I was drawn into holistic medicine- because my body was racked with pain on a daily basis due to fibromyalgia and none of the tradition methods worked one bit.

Through my long journey of healing, one of the biggest (and thankfully for me quickest) ways that I found immediate relief for pain was when I stumbled upon these tiny, funky looking phototherapy patches. When I was first introduced to them, they sounded too good to be true. But then I saw how many athletes were using them, and since I had my sights on a Gold medal, I decided that it couldn't hurt to try them.

Fast forward a decade later, and here I am with multiple gold medals, a healthy, happy body without pain, and a such a tremendous love for these little patches that I highly recommend them to my own patients frequently.

Of course the patches were not the only thing to contribute to all of these successes, but they certainly played a big part. When my body became achy after hours of practice, all I had to do was put them on the correct meridian points and relief came immediately!

Which all brings us to today's topic: Knee Pain. 

It's such a shame because knee pain is so common nowadays that people almost thing that it's normal to have pain (especially if you ever engaged in any sport or physical activity, or had a past injury). It's not! And it's NOT something you just have to “deal with” even if you've had surgery or if you've been diagnosed with “x, y, or z” from the doctor who says that medication is the only way.

It's such a prominent issue that I'm actually dedicating my whole radio show on Monday to this very thing:

“How can we heal knee pain naturally, and how phototherapy patches can help.” 

I've invited Chinese Medicine expert and patching pro Dr. Dennis Lobstein on the show to talk more about why so many people are told to just “deal with” knee pain rather than helping it to heal energetically in the body.

Oh and at the end of the show, you’ll have the chance to call in live to ask us your questions.

So if  you or someone you know has knee pain (or any type of body pain) please forward this free resource to them, it could dramatically change their life just like it did mine!

Here are the details to tune into this free interview: 

Monday, August 1st at 12 pm Noon Eastern time

Call in to ask your questions at: (818) 514-1190

Tune in via internet here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/drkaren/2016/08/01/top-5-ways-to-use-phototherapy-patches-for-knee-pain

Can’t join us live? Just bookmark the link above and check out the replay anytime after the show!


Dr. Karen

Karen Kan
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