Heavy Breathing…

My bed partner was “sighing” heavily.  He's asleep and is snoring I thought.  Then he spoke aloud, “What's that?”  It kind of jolted me because I thought he was asleep.  “I thought that was you snoring!” I accused him.  “No! I thought it was you, but then I heard it echo outside”.  Since the voice was behind me in bed and in front of him in bed, we decided that it came from a space between us.  Of course I immediately checked for Entities and the answer was “YES”.  It was a ghost, a man, who needed some help.  It was simple enough – he wanted me to release a trapped emotion before he crossed over with the Angels – to help his family.  So that's what I did and the rest of the night was uneventful.

This was the first time I heard a ghost…I think.  It's a little freaky when I'm lying all comfy and feeling safe in my bed to hear voices like that (especially one that is so close to my ear!), but it's all good.  I'll get used to it.  So will my bed partner (I hope!)

Karen Kan
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