How Acupuncture Patches can help Children with “Growing Pains”

They can even help children who struggle with focusing in school!

By now you've probably heard about how amazing LifeWave's acupuncture patches are for adults to relieve pain and support healthy appetite and sleep (those are just a few of my favorite results). But have you heard about the results that parents are seeing in their children?

Yep! As a matter of fact a rising number of parents are using these all-natural patches for their school age children to address a lot of “stubborn” health problems including:

– “Growing pains”

– Headaches

– Irritability

– Problems focusing and paying attention

– Sleep difficulty (nightmares, terrors, sleep walking)

– Sugar cravings/addiction


Naturally, most parents new to acupuncture have questions pop up such as:

  • Are the patches safe for all children?
  • How will the patches influence their growth and hormones?
  • How do I use the patches, and how often?
  • How exactly do they work to help them focus, sleep, have pain relief etc?


I’ve interviewed Dr. Dennis Lobstein MTCM,PhD about this very topic and I’ll be airing our interview on Monday on my radio show. Tune into the recording to learn how these all-natural acupuncture patches (no needles!) can be used to counteract the effects of toxic environment and support natural healing and growth in your children.


Still have questions after listening to the recording? Post your questions below!

Here’s the details to check it out:

Air Date: Monday, July 3rd at 12 pm Noon Eastern


(You can check out the recording of the interview at the link above anytime at or after the air date)

Be sure to share this interview with someone who you think may benefit from this information.

Dr. Karen

Karen Kan
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