How I made 20K in 2 days (with Jenny’s Help!)

I experienced immediate and powerful Healing to Resistance around Money

I am the first to admit that I used to really suck at managing money.  Surprised?

Yep, I actually used to be a Money Monk. I told myself that I was focused on getting people out of pain and that money wasn’t important. I would literally give my money, my time, and my talents away if I thought it would help someone else.

So it's no big surprise that I struggled for a really long time. And trust me I took a LOT of really great personal growth courses that seemed to work for other people, but I was in still in bigtime debt.

Then something MAJOR happened this year.  Thanks in part to my healer friend Jenny Ngo, I made over $20,000 in 48 hours!


Jenny was the one that suggested that I partner up with From Heartache to Joy after she made 8x her regular healer income after joining forces with them. She offered to do a session with me to work on being a money magnet.  You see, she's discovered that that are certain energies, that if low in us, will actually push money away.  She was right on!  My “allowing”was on the low side.  Not surprising – I like to do everything on my own and sometimes forget that Source is on my side.

She did this amazing thing where she sensed resistance at each level of sales and her God team removed it.  She also expanded my God team to “infinite” which is making my energy healing with patients faster, deeper and more effective! I am sure Jenny's work helped me break through the “glass ceiling” on my income.


Of course I’ve done my fair share of hard work to create a great program, but her healing was so crucial to my success because there was energetic resistance at selling 50 packages (and I was intending to sell a lot more).  I'm SO relieved she cleared it because as of this writing I have sold almost 400 packages which means a lot of people are going to get some much needed healing!  That's almost 4x the average by the way.


That’s why I couldn't WAIT to tell you about Jenny's newest Money Magnet program.  She is doing a F'REE talk with From Heartache to Joy on Tuesday October 18th at 11 am Eastern.

If you have never experienced Jenny’s work you just gotta get on this call to experience it firsthand.



http://fromheartachetojoy.com/evg/webcast/ (you can listen by clicking this link and write in questions using the Q&A box)

Phone Number to Dial: (425) 440-5100

Conf ID: 536071#

Plus: You’ll get an Awesome Money Miracle MP3 for those on live call & replay in addition to great group healing process to amp up your money frequencies.

if you want a link to the replay, please make sure you're on this mailing list: www.karenkan.com/FHTJ.


Here's some of the juicy stuff you’ll learn on the call :

Transformational Abundance & Higher Self Emergence: Becoming Your  “Money Magnet” self

·  What you were never told before why you struggle with money and abundance. How knowing this will be THE game changer for you.

·  What you can do everyday so you can quickly birth your Abundant, “Money Magnet” self?

·  How to increase your abundance help and support, your team of “Money Advisors”?

·  What you haven’t learned in other Abundance program in the past that will “turbo-charge” your abundance and success?

Want to know how amazing Jenny is? well, she has one of the HIGHEST ascension scores I've ever measured!!! She's the real deal…


So do yourself a favor and check out Jenny's complimentary talk and get her program if it resonates with you.



Dr. Karen

Karen Kan
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