How to clear ghosts and entities if you’re not an energy healer

Clearing Negative Energy in Minutes with the click of a button.. (And YES I've tried it myself)

In case you haven't heard me brag about her before, my friend and energy healer colleague Jenny Ngo is simply AMAZING! And even though she is incredibly shy she agreed to come onto my radio show to discuss her unique no-brainer method of clearing negative energy that is so easy a child could do it (and you know what I say, why make it hard when it doesn't have to be?)

Jenny and I are both trained in The Body Code and fascinatingly enough we tend to attract patients/clients who have various challenging ailments that no other medical professional seems to be able to help. Many of these folks have come to us because they have attached entities and didn't even realize it! They had no idea this was the case when they first meet us, but the Universe has seen to it that they receive an intuitive nudge to come to us for help. Jenny and I are unusual in that we LOVE clearing entities. We aren't afraid of them and in fact, we have learned to love them into the Light.

So I was excited to hear that Jenny and her God Team has miraculously co-created special energy healing MP3's (there is a sound version and a soundless version of each type) that help with various symptoms and issues including:

– Removing ghosts and spirits
– Positive spiritual shielding
– Preventing and removing psychic attacks
– Dimensional healing
– and many more…

Jenny‘s young daughter used to be scared of the ghosts she saw and Jenny‘s home was inundated with spirits so much so that it was debilitating for herself and her family. They say necessity is the Mother of Invention. It is true in Jenny‘s case. With intense study and consulting with her God Team, she created a solution that has worked wonders for herself and her family.

Her young daughter is no longer afraid of ghosts. She knows that mom has “charged” a pretty spray bottle with the energy to lovingly encourage the ghosts and spirits to “leave to the place where they need to go to get healed” and all she does is “spray” the away.


I tested out her MP3s to see if they worked. I was outside one of the local grocery stores and counted 29 entities and negative vortexes. I turned on the soundless MP3 on my iPhone while it rested in my purse and went into shop. By the time I left (which was about 10-12 minutes), all the entities were gone! And only one vortex remained (it was inside of someone and we've since discovered that if it isn't safe for that person to heal yet, nothing is forced).

Cool or cool?

So join me Monday when I ask Jenny about her experience with healing entities and ghosts and what “frequencies” she's imprinted on these MP3's and how they work. I'll be asking her:

1. what are entities? what are ghosts? What are psychic attacks?
2. Why entities might hang around a person or place
3. How does our “other lives” affect our current life when it comes to negative attraction?
4. Why do some people attract more negative energy than others?
5. What kinds of negative energies does her MP3's actually help to heal?
6.  Do people “detox” when using these frequencies? and if so, what to do about it.

And more!

Be sure to call in live to have your questions answered live by Jenny herself.


Here are the details to join us for this fascinating chat! 

Monday, February 22nd at 12 pm Noon Eastern time

To join us live call in at: (818) 514-1190 and press “1” to unmute yourself 

To tune in via internet visit http://www.blogtalkradio.com/drkaren/2016/02/22/how-to-get-rid-of-ghosts-negative-energy-with-a-push-of-a-button

Can't join us live? That's ok. Just tune into the recording at the link above anytime after the show.

Trust me, this isn't an interview you won't want to miss!

Can't wait to chat with you on Monday, and don't forget to share this juicy free resource with someone you care about. It could change their lives!


Dr. Karen

Karen Kan
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