How to Create Healing, Loving Relationships

Liberating the Power of Love: 4 Secrets to Creating Extraordinary Relationships

Learning how to create loving, empowering relationships in all areas of your life allows you to enjoy more fun, adventure, and meaning and most importantly… healing.

Deep friendships enhance the immune system. Healthy families bring us joy. Supportive communities help us navigate life’s difficulties.

So how do you make sure that all of your relationships are supporting your in your healing and happiness?

A great place to start is with this great resource.

Lion Goodman and Carista Luminare, Ph.D. are offering a powerful FREE teleseminar called Liberating the Power of Love: 4 Secrets to Creating Extraordinary Relationships.” 

In this special event, Carista & Lion will reveal:

  • What the basic building blocks of loving relationships are – and why you missed them growing up.
  • How love functions as an actual POWER – and how you can harness more of it’s energy to improve your world.
  • What the latest neuroscience says about your brain and your early childhood wiring, which keeps you in unproductive patterns – and what you can do to change them.
  • A powerful strategy for rewiring destructive tendencies that damage your relationships – and instead create secure, positive bonds.

Reserve your free seat here

The most important commitment you can make to open the healing power of love in your life.

If you know that it’s time for you to free yourself from your old patterns of fear, withdrawal, or self-sabotage, and open yourself to the full power of love in ALL parts of your life, I recommend saying, “Yes!” to this free call HERE


Dr. Karen


This call will be recorded and everyone who registers will receive the recording. Don’t miss your chance to experience Lion and Carista as they share how you can transform your relationship to love and experience more secure, positive bonds (and less destructive patterns). Learn more and claim your free seat HERE.

Karen Kan
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