How to get a FREE 60 minute Energy Healing CD created by me!

Isn't it about time you do something nice for you? Haven't you worked crazy hard for the last year?  

Right about now a lot of people are feeling tired, burned out and are even experiencing “healing crises” in their health and business. And they are wondering “what is going on?!”

With each level of ascension, we are faced with new challenges. Our energetic and physical bodies are trying to readjust to these higher frequencies the best way they know how. And sometimes that means feeling tired, getting sick.. and yes, even putting on weight!


I knew it was time for some deeper healing for all of us that would require much more than a few sessions or classes would be able to do. So I decided to team up with my favorite healing colleagues and offer up the best possible tools for you to integrate these higher frequencies.

I knew JUST the place to do it. There is a beautiful, breath-taking part of the Adirondack mountains where I’ve spent time in some very cozy cottages tucked away in nature that by itself is very healing. And the icing on the cake was there was a very special element here: Lake Clear – a lake that has an amazingly powerful positive vortex that will be a very special aid in our transformative process.

On May 14 and May 15th we will join together in this sanctuary to learn the most important tools to ascend to higher levels of consciousness including:

  • What foods to eat to support your energy centers (chakras)
  • 8 Pieces of brocade Qigong protocol to improve your energy and balance.  
  • How you can actually objectively measure how well the body is managing stress and how good your healing potential is.  

And most exciting of all..


I'll be doing some very special group energy activations and clearings! You'll come back home a whole “new” person!  Cool or cool?  

Check out some of the details below.  Register today before the Early Bird deadline fast approaching next week (April 20th)  and the whole weekend is just $339 (includes double occupancy accommodations in a low EMF resort + 5 meals) or $175 (commuter rate).  


Single day rates are available too.  Just check it out here https://www.eventbrite.com/e/3rd-annual-adirondack-holistic-healing-event-supercharge-your-healing-tickets-22297998915.  

And please pass along this email to anyone who you think might need healing!  


Oh yea.. I almost forgot about The CD! (Can't you tell I'm excited?!)


The first 30 people signed up for the event get a complimentary 60 minute energy healing CD created by me!
Yup, I've learned how to embed positive healing frequencies into a beautiful piece of music to help clear negative energy (including ghosts and spirits) in and around you.  And it’s no cost to you if you're one of the first thirty folks to register.  Here is the link again https://www.eventbrite.com/e/3rd-annual-adirondack-holistic-healing-event-supercharge-your-healing-tickets-22297998915.  Just click GET TICKETS button so you can see all the options.  I hope to see you at the event!


Dr. Karen

Karen Kan
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