How to have “one degree shift”

Do You Live Your Life by Default or Design?

You know what I think is interesting? How so many emails that I open up claim that their programs have this tremendous, huge, life transformational shift.. which is great! But honestly it sounds pretty exhausting and overwhelming if there are big shifts happening  in your life all the time (and really, many times we aren't READY for huge shifts to happen overnight).

Have you ever considered the importance of a “one degree shift?”

It’s a simple yet profound idea that some of the most successful entrepreneurs embrace, and is one of the key elements that my dear friend Colleen Humphries brings up in her brand new book:  Deliberate Creation from A-Z: Living Your Life by Design.


Goals are great, but without deliberate creation strategies, they end up as a pile of sticky notes or unchecked to do lists.

And who doesn’t want to feel  empowered knowing they are a more deliberate creator of their life? I know I do!


Offering practical, immediately applicable strategies for becoming a more deliberate creator, Colleen has brought together a beautiful compilation of the non-physical laws that each one of us can use to clarify, magnetize, and manifest all that we desire.

If you are feeling stuck and tired of where you are in any part of your life, this is a GREAT first step to starting up your engines in the right direction- one step at a time.

Check it out for yourself here: Deliberate Creation from A-Z: Living Your Life by Designhttp://www.amazon.com/dp/B00SQMLLO8 

(Oh, and it’s a really great Kindle Price too, so you can't lose!)




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