How to Make a Difference In a Bigger Way

Learn How to Tap into The Source To Connect to Your Contribution

There is a must-see film that is now available for free viewing called Tapping the Source. Tapping the Source  features stars including Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Dr. Ervin Laszlo, Cathy Lee Crosby and Mariel Hemingway who share their secrets of how they tap into the source and are able to give back to the world in a bigger way.


The filmmakers believe that every single person has an important  contribution to make in solving the problems facing our world today, and guides you to how you can begin to reconnect with the source so you too can contribute to the world in a bigger way.


Tapping the Source is a journey of discovery. From the mystical experiences of yogis and those who have returned from near death experiences, to the scientific explanations of quantum physicists, the film provides humor, intrigue and drama that is unpredictable and often unforgettable.


Are you ready to tap into the source and contribute back to the world with your unique gifts?

Then take advantage of this free film (for a limited time) at this link:

Tapping The Source


Dr. Karen Kan

Karen Kan
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