How to Remove Relationship Residue of Bullies, Narcissists and Manipulators w/Gwen Lepard

My tribe is full of what I call “Sensitive Souls”, I’m sure that you know of someone – or it may even be you yourself that have had to deal with being manipulated! Did you know that 1 in 5 people have the tendencies of, or are narcissists? That’s 20% of the population! These “Energy Vampires”, are very good at playing the sympathy-card of having a difficult childhood in order to keep a sensitive person in a constant state of manipulation. 

Without even realizing, Sensitive Souls often make excuses for the narcissist’s behavior who will often use covert aggression and manipulation to get what they want. Sensitives will even sometimes feel responsible for the bully or narcissist in their life. It can be terribly confusing to deal with especially since most sensitives don’t understand how the mind of a narcissist can rationalize. We most often come from a place of love. However, what we don’t realize is that it’s all about the narcissist’s personal gain for the narcissist. 

According to studies there are brain circuits that aren’t well formed that cause this type of egocentric behavior. As empaths we want to help them feel better and believe that everyone – including the narcissist – can be healed with love, kindness and forgiveness. Unfortunately, the science is now saying that there are some individuals that can’t be helped. Therefore, we must learn how to protect ourselves from narcissists and bullies that use manipulation to suck you in, feed off of your life force and drain your vitality. 

Gwen will also be a special guest on From Heartache to Joy next Monday, August 19th as well. I’m excited that she’s made the time to join us here to share her knowledge and mini-readings. With over 35 years of healing, training and natural abilities she provides quick, compassionate shifts and release of relationship energy residue, you’ll find yourself feeling more free just from listening to the show! I am so excited for you! 

Listen in if you’d like to find out:

1. How to recognize if you’re affected by narcissistic energies.

2. What tools are available to you to remove the residue of narcissism and bullies from your energy field.

3. How to receive a mini residue release during the show!

If any of this resonates join me HERE 

Monday, August 12th at 12:00 PM EDT (New York time) (www.worldtimebuddy.com to find your time zone) 

If you would like to call in on Monday to ask a question LIVE, call 1 (818) 514-1190 and dial “1” to “raise your hand”, so that I can unmute you when that time comes. If you can’t make it live, just click the link above to listen at a later time. 

Thank you for your support, being a part of my tribe, and most importantly empowering yourself! 

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Karen Kan
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