How Walking Barefoot Can Boost Your Health

Researchers Reveal How Earthing Transforms Our Bodies

Did you know that when your bare skin is in contact with the Earth, you are connecting to Earth's natural, negative surface which  naturally recharges your body, and as a result your self-healing mechanisms become more far more effective?

One of the most fascinating documentaries out there right now, “Grounded” explores this very phenomenon by taking a close look at a community in Alaska and revealing the science behind what grounding really does to the human body.

I invite you to check out my interview with Laura Koniver, participant in the Grounded movie as we chatted about:

  • How does Earthing work?
  • How does Earthing support the natural healing process of the body?
  • How can you easily incorporate Earthing into your everyday life?
  • Why it's especially important that children are “Grounded.”

Here are details to tune in: 

Monday, May 19 at 12 pm EST

Listen via phone at: (818) 514-1190

Tune in via internet at: 


You can also listen to the interview at anytime at the link above after the show has aired.


Dr. Karen Kan

Karen Kan
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