How we Supercharged our healing abilities!

2016 Holistic Healing Event CollageI'm still on a “high” after last weekend's ADK Holistic Healing Event at the Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat.  In fact, all of the presenters left the weekend with MORE energy despite the fact that we were “working” all weekend.  We had an intimate group of about 15 participants and it was truly magical in many ways.  Everyone got to experience my first ever “group” energy activations.  The first one used powerful clearing frequencies imprinted in my Ascension Clearing & Protection CD to clear all sorts of blocks to healing.  The second one used my Ascension Healing & Integration to impart healing frequencies to heal past, present and future lives and to balance all of our bodies: physical, mental, spiritual, energetic, emotional.  It was rather funny to see a couple people “yawn” almost right away – a sure sign of energy moving!

After the first activation, we taught everyone to do Body dowsing, a form of intuitive self muscle testing.  Every single person was able to do it – some for the very first time. It was exciting indeed to witness!

And I was honest in sharing with the participants that I had “ordered the weather”.  Apparently it was supposed to rain and snow all weekend, but I had other plans.  I asked Archangel Uriel and his team to hold off the weather until we finished with class and specifically on Saturday because I had planned to be outside for two of the classes.  Well, I got what we wished for!

We were able to connect physically with Mother Earth (earthing) while doing Qigong to revitalize our body and energy.  We also got to earth while doing the Energy Clearing exercises:

  • Putting up our Auric protective shield (so negative entities and weapons cannot attach)
  • Creating our spiritual helmet (protection from psychic attacks from entities)
  • Grounding our spiritual energies into our bodies (opposite of out of body)
  • Cleaning our auras of debris (of negative energy)
  • Cutting/clearing our unnecessary energy cords (from stuff that doesn't belong to us)
  • Pulling in our auras (when we don't want to feel others' stuff)
  • Closing our astral connections (for sensitives when they get into crowds)

Sabine Weber taught us how to nourish the seven aspects (chakras) of ourselves both with food and with self-love.  Michael Harrigan taught the 8 Pieces of Brocade and everyone enjoyed the easy movements and breathing while being outside.  Cathy shared traditional food wisdom and fed us with real fermented sourdough bread (yes I actually ate bread!), and traditionally prepared meals (yum).

On Sunday I got to finally reveal the origins of the TOLPAKAN (TM) Healing method and shared my daily healing “cheat sheet” as promised! During the second class it was snowing like crazy, yet just a single intention to clear it from the group made it stop snowing within minutes and the sky brightened.  It was totally cool!

The food was AMAZING at the lodge!  We had paleo, gluten-free, vegan/vegetarian options and of course sampling of traditional foods – culturing, fermenting, bone broth, and even beef sausage with a touch of liver (it tasted good)!

I want to take this opportunity to thank my amazing presenters: Sabine Weber, Michael Harrigan and Cathy Hohmeyer, as well as my volunteers: James Gann, Alexa Merriam, Bronwyn Seal, and Michael Harrigan.

In case you're reading this and you DIDN'T make it to this event I encourage you to come next year.  Stay tuned because I'll be doing two upcoming classes on the energy clearing and TOLPAKAN healing method in the near future (make sure you're on my mailing list).



Karen Kan
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