I had to “piece” the soul fragments of this dead doctor together before he crossed over…

I received an unusual phone call the other day.  A therapist with whom I had a mutual patient, confided that she had a suspicion that the home her patient was living in may be haunted.  Unbeknownst to me, I actually knew the deceased person who died there.  He was a doctor colleague of mine.  The therapist thought that this potential “negative energy” could be affecting our mutual patient.

So I immediately tested the home and could find no trace of an Entity attached to or living in the home.  Undaunted, I decided to inquire whether there were “pieces” of him stuck there and the answer through muscle testing was a YES.  On further questions, I discovered approximately 5 Soul fragments.  The largest one was by far, stuck to the home itself.  Another one was in his vehicle, another still attached to his former office, another couple of pieces attached to his child and the last piece was found floating down a ski trail (apparently he liked to ski).

So I went about re-integrating all the pieces of this doctor's Soul together and then crossing him over into the Light.  When I relayed this to the therapist, she wasn't at all surprised.  She knew this doctor fairly well.  Interestingly she shared my “ghost” insights with a psychiatrist colleague of hers and although he didn't say he believed in ghosts, he simply told her, “Dr. Karen and I share several patients.  They are all better and have gotten off all their medication.”

Is that cool or what?

Karen Kan
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