I won 3 gold medals at the 2010 Adult Figure Skating Championships! YAY!

First of all THANK YOU for your energy in helping my dream partner, James, and I skate our best at the 2010 Adult National Figure Skating Championships! Even if you didn’t know you helped me, you did!

Neale Donald Walsch in his book, Happier Than God, calls it the Multiplier Effect. When all of us with a similar vibration are connected and we intend good things for one another, we ALL benefit. In fact, we benefit faster than just intending good things for ourselves.

If you read my April 11th blog before I left for Nationals, I made it VERY public what our intentions were:

  1. James and I skate a passionate, powerful pairs and singles programs to the best of our abilities with full presence; being in the moment.
  2. We inspire others to skate with passion and joy.
  3. We win three gold medals.
  4. We thoroughly entertain the judges and the audience.
  5. We have an amazingly fun time connecting with people and especially with my close friend Peter who will be coaching us there.

Guess what? It all came true AND MORE!

Now you may be wondering why I made my intentions so public. Here’s the thing. I learned back in 2005 that if we aren’t completely clear in our intentions, then we often can’t manifest the outcomes we desire. I also learned that the courage it takes to acknowledge what we want and to ask for it is part of the manifesting process.

Thus, I was putting myself at some “risk” by announcing my intentions. How many people do that? How many Law of Attraction teachers do that? I don’t know the answer to that, but I wanted to show you that this Law of Attraction stuff really works. And that I’m for real.

Here’s the play by play in case you’re interested:

Intention No. 1 – James and skated as we intentioned. We weren’t perfect, but we skated with passion and presence and our pairs performance was clean (no mistakes).

Intention No. 2 – I predicted (and told everyone ahead of time) that our pairs event was going to be VERY good and that everyone would skate well. That indeed was the case. People thought it was a fluke, but I knew it wasn’t. It happened because the Universe and I wanted it to happen and it was for the “highest good”.

Second thing. Two years ago, one of the skaters from the top-ranked Masters pair team in the country (two levels higher than we are) loved our 2008 program so much, she fashioned their program along a similar style this year and they won a gold medal! If that isn’t inspiration, I don’t know what is! Cool or cool?

Intention No. 3 – Three skating events, three gold medals. In my singles event, all the judges put me first 

Intention No. 4 – We knew people enjoyed our skating from the compliments we received not only from skaters, but also from coaches, vendors and even the official photographers!

Intention No. 5 – We were reunited with my close friend and first skating partner Peter. We had a wonderful connecting time AND we got to know our relatively new ice dancing friends who competed on behalf of the same Skating club. We enjoyed our new friends so much and it was such a treat to cheer each other on!

…and the Bonus!

The Bonus is like the extra REWARD you get from learning the lessons you need to learn when you manifest. Don’t think that it was all easy, it wasn’t. But at the same time, training the mind to maneuver past obstacles and judgments were the key for me personally.

Here are my Bonuses from The Universe:

Bonus #1: I happened to bump into a coach that I met at my very first competition way back in 1998 that I haven’t seen in over 10 years. He was the one who got me interested in pairs. He did a few lifts with me back in 1998 and I was forever hooked! We lost contact and I was sad that I never got the chance to tell him how much I appreciated him.

It took a very long time before my dream of competing in pairs manifested (10 years to be exact) but it was worth the wait. The Bonus was that I got to finally tell him face-to-face what a gift it that he gave me. I got the opportunity to gush my appreciation.

…and you know what? Maybe he really needed it. He is currently going through a really personally challenging time in his life. Couldn’t we all benefit from knowing that somehow, we made a profound difference in someone’s life?

My second Bonus? I got to meet and get a photo with Lloyd Eisler, one of my favorite Olympic pairs skaters, who was there coaching some other teams!

In writing all this, I’m celebrating. It is important for you to celebrate your “wins” as well. When you celebrate, the Universe gets the message that you want MORE of that energy! I never used to celebrate…I was so incredibly serious way back when. Now, I practice celebrating as often as I can! I encourage you to do the same.

This story isn’t just about what James and I accomplished, but it is about what ALL of us together can accomplish. We all need support and I have an incredible team of support. I hope you do to.

When I win, you win and vice versa. Thank you again for being part of my Community!

Dr. Karen Kan

Karen Kan
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