Interview on BAM with Tricia Schmalhofer

Badasses, Alchemists and Mystics Hostess Trisha Schmalhofer continues her interviews with the authors of the book, Navigating the Clickety-Clack: How to Live a Peace-Filled Life in a Seemingly Toxic World.

In this episode, we meet Dr. Karen Kan who is not only a medical doctor and acupuncturist, but also a Doctor of Light Medicine. This woman is truly helping to bridge the gap between allopathic medicine, complementary medicine and energy medicine. In addition to talking about her chapter in the clickety clack book, these ladies discuss Karen's newly released book, Sensitivity is Your Superpower!

This is an amazing book released in 12/10/2020 that explains some “woo woo” stuff in a more clear, concise way to apply it to your life.

Karen Kan
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